Choose Your Model

Choose from our tortilla lines producing between 2000-10000 ! And don’t forget that we can produce tortilla production lines with different width and capacity according to your needs.!

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ALFA T40 – Roller System

1000-1500 Per Hour Capacity


ALFA T5000 – Press System

5000 Per Hour Capacity


ALFA T80- Roller System

2500-3000 Per Hour Capacity


ALFA T10000 – Press System

10000 Per Hour Capacity


ALFA T100 – Roller System

4000 Per Hour Capacity


Our tortilla lines are superior and have a long-term working capacity.

With the tortilla line, you can catch a standard diameter of 30 cm.Also produce tortilla bread with the thickness and diameter you want.

  • All machines are produced in European standards.
  • Speed adjustment is available on all machines.
  • Tortilla line tunnel oven can work with different fuel options.
  • The tortilla line is fully integrated, making bread untouched by hand.